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3 Ways to Deliver Maximum Pipeline Growth with Account-Based Marketing

Think back to the last time you received a mass marketing email. I am going to guess that you probably didn’t even open it – and if you did, the message probably made a beeline to your trash bin. What if you received that same email but it mentioned both your name and your company in the subject line? Would you read it? I am going to bet you would. That’s just one example of the power of account-based marketing.

The Difference: Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a high-touch approach to marketing that targets specific accounts and delivers them optimized content. The ABM method is used drive sales and to support the lifecycle of customers post-sale.

Why is this important? Generalized customer experiences are no longer making the cut. Marketing teams who align their efforts with their sales team and focus on targeting each customer’s experience through ABM are seeing accelerated account growth and 84% have seen an increased ROI according to Salesforce. Take a look at how ABM helps sales and marketing work together to deliver maximum pipeline growth:

Customize Content

Instead of delivering the same marketing materials to all of your sales prospects, take the time to customize your approach. If your sales team is doing their due diligence, they should already know quite a bit about the prospect and the stakeholders they are speaking to. When you know more information about the influencers and decision makers you’re selling to, like what’s important to their success and their business goals, you’re better positioned to identify, create, and share targeted communications and marketing materials with them like case studies, blog posts, and other resources.

Optimize Nurture Campaigns

The ABM framework drives marketing and sales to work hand-in-hand to ensure you’re providing targeted and relevant messaging to your potential and current clients. Nurture tracks – or campaigns – help ensure your brand stays top of mind by providing value to your key stakeholders by sharing helpful resources, thought leadership, industry tips and best practices.  Take your nurture campaigns to the next level by incorporating components of ABM such as lead scoring and customer segmentation to deliver the best content for your stakeholders in your sends.

Leverage Social

Sales teams can work with marketing teams to launch intelligent digital campaigns to prospects using something already freely available to them – their social media sites. Social sites contain more information about a company than just what they post. Consider looking at their followers and evaluating how their target audience interacts with each channel. With this information, you can offer solutions for refining your prospect’s efforts towards what actually produces results. Understanding your buyer profile’s digital behavior can help you get ahead and hone in on efforts to qualify prospects and increase your ROI.

These are only a fraction of ways that sales teams can benefit from account-based marketing. Learn how your team can work with this methodology by joining our CMO, Shawn Herring and Kyra Johanson, Product Marketing Manager, Salesforce Pardot for Next Level ABM: Elevating Your Account-Based Marketing Strategy with AI. 

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