How To Fill The Skill Gaps On Your Marketing Team

How to Fill the Skill Gaps on Your Marketing Team

In the age of complicated ever-changing digital marketing, skill gaps are inevitable. In fact, there are over 3,874 marketing solutions available today, and still, 51% of marketers say they can’t react to new trends using their current tech stack. These gaps waste marketing resources and prevent you from turning your plans into actions.

Torchlite has found that there are both technology and skill gaps, and the best way to get marketing done is to get ahead of those gaps. Access to specialized tools and people is essential to marketing success today, and the best marketers have clarity around their priorities and access to experts who can help them execute. The key is to anticipate complications before they arise, so you can maximize your resources and continuously create successful campaigns.

Here are a few ways to fill those skill gaps:

Leverage Internal Resources

Every team has skilled marketers who can use their abilities to assist with projects that don’t necessarily fit their job description. Empower your team members to shift their priorities so they can support a project based on its needs rather than their job title. Using internal resources is an excellent way to ensure you’re maximizing your entire team.

Work with an Agency

Hiring an agency can provide you with the specialists you need to get a campaign out the door. Agencies are dependable and allow you to focus on other priorities while they execute. However, if your priorities change and you need to pivot mid-project, it will likely cost you. If you have a big budget and are crystal clear on what you’re looking for, an agency might be something to look into. Before committing, check out our blog post, 8 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Marketing Agency.

Hire a Freelancer

Freelancers can add specialized skillsets to your team. Freelancers are experts in what they do and often have years of experience in one specific area of marketing. Freelancers also give you a great deal of flexibility to change direction last minute. If you know specifically what your campaign is lacking, hiring a freelancer might be a fitting solution.

For more information on the perks of working with a freelancer, check out 5 Benefits of Hiring Freelancers.

Bring a Torchliter on Board

Torchlite helps you get more marketing done through our platform and marketplace of  vetted experts (we call them Torchliters). Torchliters combine the flexibility and expertise of a freelancer with the holistic dependability of an in-house team. With experts in virtually every field represented, you can add and change the Torchliters on your team as your needs change. Plus, Torchlite Action provides insight into what your team is working on and how your campaigns are performing, so you always have visibility into what’s getting done.

For more info on how Torchlite can fill your skill gap, check out The Torchlite Advantage.

Getting Ahead of the Gaps

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