Marketing Trends 2017

Marketing Trends 2017: 5 Trends to Look For in the Second Half of the Year

With the rise of mobile technology and social media, marketing techniques are transforming from newspaper ads and commercials to banners across a phone screen. In this rapidly changing marketing environment, staying up to date on trends is an integral part of staying relevant.

1. Social Media Marketing

According to the Data and Marketing Association, 77% of millennials will purchase a product online or in store, after viewing it on Facebook. Tapping into the social media sphere will go from optional to necessary for companies in 2017. With traffic from every age group and demographic, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are the marketing trifecta. And sites such as Pinterest are now offering tools like “Buy” buttons for consumers to purchase products as they show up on their feed.

2. Valuable Marketing

Advertisements that offer advice or valuable information to the consumer tend to be more successful than those that do not. For instance, an advertisement for math tutoring that gives advice on how to study better for tests will make for a convincing ad. Along these lines, advertisements that directly show consumers what they will gain by purchasing a product or service, such as this Allstate ad, are equally as effective.

3. 5 Second Marketing

When American attention spans are dwindling, and Snapchats are serving as formal communication, marketers must make convincing cases in a short period of time. Quick clips, banners across a screen, or even ads between clicks on social media, are becoming the norm. Learning how to capture the consumer’s attention in a short time is an art form. Tools to perfect this include vibrant visuals, strong words of interest, or simply something outlandish or ridiculous that would catch the eye.

4. Endorsements and Promotions

Consumers are incessantly hounded with ads, and often they don’t know which ones to trust. Having a reliable person, with a strong social media presence, endorse or promote a company, is often the golden ticket when it comes to hooking consumers.

5. Smart Marketing

Becoming well acquainted with tools like Google Analytics is becoming a vital component of smart marketing. Marketers need to understand what consumers are viewing and clicking on the most, in order to manipulate the marketing game, and construct dream ads like a pro.

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  • Using different seo tools for analyzing and planning a strategy is great smart marketing idea, thanks for sharing the information.