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The Torchlite Way

Build a diverse community of smart, passionate people
and transformative ideas will be born on behalf of the customer.

People always ask me, “How did Torchlite get so far, so quickly?” The truth is, there really is no secret. It’s the ability to find and hire smart, passionate people, set them up for success and trust them to do their jobs. And never, ever give up.

My favorite quote is from Ben Horowitz, author of The Hard Thing about Hard Things, “’We take care of the people, the products, and the profits — in that order.’ It’s a simple saying, but it’s true. ‘Taking care of the people’ is the most difficult of the three by far and if you don’t do it, the other two won’t matter.” At Torchlite, our success is rooted in people. Whether they are a full-time developer, customer success manager or freelance email marketer working remotely.

It’s our community that has allowed us to come so far in such a short period. And it’s our community that will continue to propel us forward.

Our Team

Scott McCorckle and Jeff Rohrs join Torchlite

Today we’re thrilled to announce that Torchlite closed a seed round of $2M and added two tech visionaries to our growing team: Scott McCorkle as our Executive Chairman and Jeff Rohrs as a Board Director. Scott and Jeff are rolling up their sleeves to support our team and help us redefine marketing operations. We’re so excited to have them on board!

Scott has extensive experience working with the best marketers in the world and was CEO at Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Before Salesforce, he was the President of Technology & Strategy for ExactTarget where he guided the team through expansion across four continents and created the industry’s first marketing cloud platform.

Jeff Rohrs is the Chief Marketing Officer at Yext, which is recognized as one of America’s fastest growing companies by the Inc. 5000 and had a wildly successful IPO in April. Before Yext, Jeff was VP of Marketing Insights at ExactTarget and Salesforce. During his tenure at ExactTarget, he helped propel the company from $30M in revenue to well over $400M, a successful IPO in 2012, and an acquisition by Salesforce for $2.7B in 2013.

I love nothing more than helping companies navigate the evolving landscape of consumer needs, preferences, and interactions. Torchlite is making marketer’s lives easier through their technology and network of experts. I’m thrilled to jump into the role as Board Director as Torchlite continues to empower brands to create customer experiences more efficiently and effectively.” Jeff Rohrs, CMO of Yext and Torchlite Board Director

I can’t thank these two enough for agreeing to join our team and help guide us as we work to redefine marketing operations and a build a platform that enables marketers to get more done, quickly and easily. No easy feat, redefining an entire category! Which is why we need the capital and brainpower to make it happen.

Our Investors

To scale and grow a company like this, you need a seasoned operator with a big, bold vision. Susan is one of those leaders. Her vision to completely transform how marketing gets done resonated with me immediately. I’m looking forward to seeing Torchlite take the marketing technology industry by storm.” – Tom Hale, Torchlite investor and President of SurveyMonkey

Torchlite is extremely fortunate to be supported by seasoned software executives who are serving as advisors and investors. These investors not only provide capital but also provide expert advice and guidance along the way. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Collina invests in experienced and hard-working teams that are disrupting markets through innovation and execution. Susan Marshall and her team have the opportunity to unleash the power of digital marketing for companies of all sizes.  We believe our investment will help create another great Indianapolis technology company.” – Mark Hill, Founder of Collina Ventures

Our Customers

Marketers are overwhelmed with the number of campaigns, deliverables, and tasks required to successfully deliver on the promise of digital marketing. There is more to do, more technology (5,000 tools!) and more pressure than ever.

Not only that, workforce dynamics have shifted. Highly sought after creative, marketing and technical professionals are demanding a different type of lifestyle. They want the flexibility of working remotely, either as a full-time employee or independent contractor. To compete and not fall desperately behind in this ever-connected world, marketing teams need to radically rethink how they resource projects and operationalize marketing to get work done.

Our Torchliters are specialists in email, event marketing, social media, content, and advertising. We couldn’t afford to hire a team of specialists in-house, but through Torchlite we can get a fraction of their time and get more done than we’ve ever before.” – Steve Sanner, President and CEO of Jiffy Lube Indiana

Torchlite has organized hundreds of freelance marketing experts – called Torchliters – and has enabled these experts to engage with businesses of every size through Torchlite Action™, a SaaS platform focused on prioritizing marketing objectives; defining marketing campaigns and deliverables; and then managing the collaboration and execution required to get marketing done.

I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by some of the brightest minds in marketing technology and services. We are very excited about the future, and we want to thank all of our team, investors, friends, and customers who have supported us along the way!

If you want to find out if Torchlite can help your business get more marketing done, you can try Torchlite Action free for two weeks. Sign up here.

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Susan Marshall, Founding Partner/CEO

Susan Marshall is the CEO of Torchlite Marketing.