Three Ways To Make More Money With Content Marketing

Three Ways To Make More Money With Content Marketing

It’s time for marketers to start getting the most bang for their buck. Today’s business world moves too fast to wait for content to generate revenue. There are several ways to optimize your content right away and take advantage of content marketing’s financial benefit.

1. Include advertisements and sponsorships in your content

For instance, this Target weekly ad not only promotes its own business but promotes the brands they carry in the process. By doing this, revenue is generated through marketing to the consumers and attracting more business, as well as through the companies that they are including in the advertisement (Frito Lay in this instance). Other companies do the same by featuring other businesses and products in newsletters, commercials, and blog posts. Forming an affiliate link relationship with other companies can also be incredibly beneficial in this way.

2. Create useful content that people will purchase

Think beyond the box of free content. Can you create content that your consumers would actually pay for and promote your business at the same time? For example, Sony created an The Emoji Movie, that hit theaters at the end of July. Movie merchandise is a huge business, and the movie is in essence, an advertisement for the emoji merchandise that will inevitably ensue. Despicable Me and Marvel movies also partake in this phenomenon. On a smaller scale, other companies will create magazines, websites, and apps that promote their business and their consumers willingly pay to access them.

3. Write an e-book. Creating an e-book of helpful, professional material, is often compelling to consumers

If you decide to sell your e-book, this would obviously generate revenue. In addition, an e-book is a means of advertising and attracts an educated pool of people, who likely already have an interest in what your business does. If you are not quite ready to sell your e-book, e-books can still be successful when used as an incentive for interacting with your brand. For example, when a consumer signs-up for a newsletter or blog subscription, you could send them a free copy of an e-book.

Depending on your business, content may not be your biggest revenue generation tool.  But, that doesn’t mean content marketing can’t elevate the areas you are making money.  Learn more about getting buy-in for your content ideas with How to Secure Content Marketing Budget.

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