10 Templates to Use for Your 2019 Marketing Plan

Nov 07, 2018 Emily Brungard

Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Production

2019 is approaching fast – and it’s time to start getting your marketing plan together whether you are ready or not.
We get it. The annual planning process can be complex and time-consuming. Creating your plan is likely just the first of many steps, from presenting your plan to leadership, to incorporating their feedback, to presenting and editing again.
Developing your marketing plan doesn’t have to be painful, though. Rather than reinventing the wheel, why not borrow an existing framework and focus your energy on filling it with a killer plan?
To get you going, here are ten marketing plan outlines from experts across the web. Check ‘em out and get to planning!

  1. A SaaS Marketing Plan for High Growth Companies – HubSpot
  2. How to Write a Marketing Plan: A Comprehensive Guide [w/ Templates] – Vital
  3. A Multi-Channel Marketing Workbook – Marketo
  4. B2B Marketing Strategy Framework: Your Step By Step Guide – Saleshacker
  5. How to Build a Go-to-Market Plan – Chief Outsiders
  6. The Best Marketing Strategy Guide To Skyrocket Results By 9,360% – CoSchedule
  7. Marketing and Sales Alignment – Marketo
  8. How to Create a Marketing Plan Template You’ll Actually Use – Lucidchart
  9. Writing a V2MOM – Salesforce
  10. An Eight Step Guide to Building Your Marketing Budget – MarketingProfs

For even more on 2019 planning, be sure to check out our posts on planning your 2019 budget and how modern marketers are expanding their capacity without increasing headcount.
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