Quick Wins Before The End Of The Year

3 Quick Wins for Marketing to Close The Year

The end of 2017 is rapidly approaching. If you’re feeling that year-end pressure to finish out the year on a high-note, or your sales aren’t quite where you want them to be, you need a win – FAST.

Consider these marketing approaches and corresponding templates to land quick-wins for your team:

Abandoned Cart Email

Remember those consumers you were *this* close to capturing when suddenly they clicked away? Chances are, they remember you too. Afterall, they loved your product enough to put it in their cart. Re-engage these customers with a friendly abandoned cart email, reminding them of what they left behind.

Check out this great example from Levi’s via ClickZ.

Offering a good deal in an abandoned cart email isn’t always necessary, but does provide a nice incentive for your customer to make the purchase. Providing an alternative discount such as free shipping, so they can try your product risk-free, is also attractive.

Start your own abandoned cart campaign →

Quick Promotional Email

Don’t miss out on the chance to leave a last impression in 2017. Everyone is communicating by email these days, and lucky for you, they come together much faster than creating snail mail. Whether you’re in the position to offer deep-discounts or not, a quick promotional email will help you keep your business top of mind (and inbox).

Here are some angles to get you started:

  • The gift that is guaranteed to fit just right? We’ve got you covered.
  • Still searching for stocking stuffers? 5 for $25.
  • Because Santa deserves something nice too – 20% off your purchase.

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Cross-Channel Content

At this time of year, your mind is in a million places. Accomplish more with less by creating content that works across channels – saving you both time and brainpower. Often times the same content can be spun up in different ways to meet your audience on their preferred channel.

Examples of great cross-channel content include: e-books, downloadable templates, blog posts, and thought leadership.

Create and activate cross-channel content →

With that, we’ll leave you to it. If you find yourself needing an extra set of hands to get through the rush, let us know!

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