4 Expert Tips to Get Your Next Idea Funded

Sep 05, 2017 Maria Rummel

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Even for award-winning marketers, getting a new marketing idea funded can prove to be a difficult task. We wanted to know what it really takes for marketers to secure the marketing budget for their crazy ideas. So we asked the experts.

1. Be clear & concise

“The ideas that are easiest to communicate are often the ones that get funded. If you’re looking for budget, especially in bigger organizations, it’s critical that you can clearly and concisely articulate your concept.” – Bob Gilbreath, Ahalogy CEO and author of The Next Evolution of Marketing

2. Make your first ask small & show big results

“I first did the math on how cheaply I could launch a podcast. The key to getting it off the ground was a small ask. Later on, I could leverage proof of the program’s success to request more.” Heike Young, Producer, and host of the Marketing Cloudcast podcast


3. Just go do it

“You must go and do. Some people have great ideas and wait for permission to do it. What you should do is carry it to fruition as far as possible.” – Jeff Rohrs, CMO of Yext


4. Prove its value

“Showing demonstrable ROI based on marketing attribution matters. Your track record with delivering for the sales team matters. If your sales leader pounds the table for marketing dollars, chances are you are going to get it.” – Tim Kopp, Former CMO of ExactTarget

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