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5 Authentic Ways to Engage With Your Audience

As marketers today, so much of our world is automated. And I hate to break it to you – but our customers know. They see right through the “personalized” subject lines and obvious email templates. While your customers are now expecting efficiency and automation, they still crave the authentic experience of communicating with another human.

Simply using marketing automation to create a personalized experience will put you in the same camp as everyone else. Marketers that can it take a step further and create authentic experiences for their customers ultimately win.

Here are 5 ways to create more authentic experiences for your leads online:

1. Share user-generated content

User-generated content (USG) is a gold-mine for authentic proof to show your customers and prospects. User-generated content campaigns allow your customers to share their experiences with the world. Here’s how to run one successfully.

 2. Personally engage with your leads online

Using tools such as Intercom, allow real people from your business to start a conversation with visitors to your website – without ever having to pick up the phone.

3. Show your brand’s human side

Leverage your digital marketing strategy to highlight both your business offerings AND your culture. Whether you’re out volunteering together, enjoying pizza in the office or celebrating big milestones, a human presence on social media puts more to your name that just what you’re selling.

4. Segment email lists

We’ve all heard the buzz about customer journey mapping – that important path that guides your customer’s engagement with your brand. In order to create the optimal journey for each of your customers, you’ll need to properly segment your leads. Knowing where they came from will help you serve them content they’ll want to binge – all day long.

5. Mind your tone

No matter where you’re communicating, your tone is your brand’s most human element. Make it real and let it be heard with these 8 tips for humanizing your brand from Hubspot.

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