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How to Use Facebook Live – 5 Tips

Facebook Live hit the scene this year and gave Facebook users a way to stream live video. This splendid little feature is another tool that marketers can add to their social media arsenal. How can you make the most of Facebook’s new feature? We are so glad you asked.

Offer a behind-the-scenes look

Consumers are always curious as to what goes on behind the curtain. The unknown is fascinating and can be the trick up your marketing sleeve. Use Facebook Live to provide a gander at the internal secrets that lurk behind your closed doors and you will at least spark some curiosity, hopefully leading to a jump in followers.

Provide teasers

The great thing about Facebook Live is that you can use it to cater to your individual audience. Teasers are a great little tool for sparking the interest of your potential customer base. Do you have an event coming up? Show a little clip to generate some interest. Do you have an announcement to make? Make a short video that hints at your big news.

Address frequent inquiries

There’s a reason many businesses offer a FAQ page. Often, several of your customers will have the same question or problem. Rather than addressing those issues with individual emails or phone calls, get out in front. It’s a time saver and it’s a way for you to directly address what is ailing your customers.

If customers are having trouble with a product or service, consider a how-to video. According to Google data, searches for how-to content on YouTube grow by 70% each year. Your customers will appreciate a quick tutorial which helps them better utilize your business offerings. And with Facebook Live, there’s no need to spend endless hours polishing and editing. You video will post live and will be available on your feed for future reference. Check here for some information about making your own tutorial video.

Give a peek at new products or services

What’s that you say? Free marketing? Facebook Live gives you the ability to flaunt your latest and greatest offering and lets your Facebook followers see it in real time. You could utilize this feature as a cheaper (much cheaper) version of the press release. If that seems like too much pressure, you can use a simpler approach and imply what is to come.

Consider live interviews

Interviewing key individuals in your business can provide a face for your business. People love the human angle. If you provide great service, you can convert your customers into return customers. If you show them what makes you tick and why you are passionate about your business, you can gain loyal customers. In the business world, that achievement is priceless.

Earlier this year we tested out Facebook Live for ourselves. Check out our video with Culture of Good.

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