7 Ways to Accelerate Your 2018 Marketing Plan

Jan 02, 2018 Maria Rummel

Create, Execute, Source, Torchlite

In my last four months on the marketing team at Torchlite, I’ve witnessed first-hand the endless possibilities when it comes to getting marketing done – especially with Torchlite’s marketing orchestration platform.
Here’s a list of just seven ways I’ve seen my team accelerate with Torchlite Action to activate, staff, and execute our marketing campaigns – and how you can too.

1. Collaborate on projects no matter where life takes you

With members of our team traveling around the country and even the world, Torchlite keeps us connected and up-to-date on projects.

2. Make a brand new demo-video

With the help of Torchlite, we are able to plan, create, and source a team to help us launch special projects like this new demo video showcasing our business.

3. Visualize your entire marketing plan in the Galaxy

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that all day-to-day tasks somehow relate to your larger goals. When that connection is difficult to make, we can zoom out to the galaxy for some quick perspective.

4. Plan your next big initiative

Last quarter was anything but a drought for marketing. We launched a new e-book, planned webinars, created a demo video, and launched a new website! With the ability to build our own campaigns, we’re able to map out each of these projects from strategy to execution and assign ownership to every step in between.

5. Hire an Expert

We move fast. So fast, that many times the cost of specializing in a specific tool is not the best use of time. Instead, we look to our marketplace, search the skill we need, and hire an on-demand digital marketer.

6. Review it ‘till it’s right

When you’re planning something as big as our latest market launch, getting it right is important. With Torchlite, our team is always enabled to review work and request updates before going live.

7. Celebrate your successes

With new campaign templates for everything from Facebook advertising to gap analysis strategy, our team is able to replicate successful campaigns by saving them as a template. Then, we can optimize our best-practice processes for similar campaigns in the future.

We’ve accomplished a lot since I started at Torchlite in June. Without the Torchlite Action, I have no idea how we would have effectively project managed, kept track of all of the “to-dos” on our marketing calendar, identified gaps, or engaged the vetted talent to compliment our team. I suppose we all would have received a lot (and I mean A. LOT.) of emails.
Torchlite can make a difference for your team, too. Try it today!

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