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Breaking Down The 4 C’s Of Social Media Marketing

You know you need to be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn—but do you know why or how exactly you should be managing those accounts? A successful social strategy is built on goals and KPIs (key performance indicators) to hold your success accountable.

We took this infographic from created last year to break down the types of measurements you need to build your metrics in driving success—all starting with the “4 C’s”:

  • Content
  • Consistency
  • Customization
  • Community


Content: Make it relevant

Don’t just churn out content for the sake of it—make it relevant to your audience. According to a recent article by Digitalist, 43% of millennials said that, “when consuming news, they would rank authenticity over content.” With millennials being one-fourth of the U.S. population and having $200B in spending power, this realization is one to embed in your social strategy. Be sure to have an author or distinct voice for each piece of content your produce.

Along with authenticity, you want to diversify your content and analyze which pieces are providing your with most ROI (return on your investment):

  • Campaign promotions: an example of this would be a Twitter contest where you ask followers to retweet, @reply and use a given hashtag for a chance to win the contest prize, providing you with an engaging outlet with your followers, as well as expanding your brand reach.
  • Blog posts: These are a great way to build your voice and share your company’s key value propositions, without the message coming off like a sales pitch.
  • Case studies: A great way to share your company wins, case studies are used to engage consumers and move them to the next phase in your selling cycle. Always provide a CTA (call to action) with every case study—and blog post! Depending on what your product is, encourage your prospects to learn more about your product by taking them to a landing page where you can caption their information, have them purchase your product, or sign up for a free demo. 

Consistency is everything

Promoting and releasing content on your social channels is essential to building your audience and brand. 43% of all online consumers are social media fans or followers, which means your social account is a direct line of access to your audience on a regular basis.

Build your brand and gain your audience’s attention through consistent, relevant publishing. Take advantage of the social channels that produce the most results; Facebook, for instance, came in the lead as the top social referral platform in 2014, according to a study done by Shareaholic.

A tool that’s great for scaling your social publishing is Hootsuite, allowing you to schedule your tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagrams in advance. 

Customization: Know your audience

What is great about tools like Hootsuite is that they not only churn out your content to your several social channels, but they provide insight into your audience. With every post published or piece of content created, you’ll want to know the type of audience it caters to and who of that audience converts into brand followers.

53% of people on Twitter recommend companies or their products through their tweets. Take a look at how your social following is engaging with you: are they talking about your product? Encourage your followers to share their brand wins. 

Community: Build your brand

The ultimate goal of your social media strategy should be to build brand advocates. Brand advocates are loyal customers who will promote your brand and value, providing user-generated marketing success.  

Pinterest has been dubbed the “reigning queen of social referrals,” increasing their traffic by 45% in only five months last year. Take a look at their Twitter account to see how they engage with followers and encourage them to share the brand.

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