Expand Your Marketing Capacity (Not Your Headcount) with Freelancers

Aug 08, 2018 Emily Brungard

Collaboration, Freelance Experts, Marketing Strategy

Every day marketers are bombarded with emails, social media posts, and ads that claim a new tool is the next big thing. Frankly, it’s exhausting. With non-stop changes, it’s hard to keep up, maximize your entire martech stack, and get everything done.
That’s why we’re excited to share our latest e-book, “Expand Your Marketing Capacity, Not Your Headcount: How Modern Marketing Teams Are Filling Five Crucial Roles With Freelancers.”
This guide showcases the five essential skills that modern marketing teams are filling with freelance talent in order to stretch their headcount budget and reach their marketing goals. In just 15 minutes, you can get an idea of both the foundational and up-and-coming skills you need to run a truly modern marketing team and how freelance experts can help you get it all done.
In the e-book, we share:

  • The five skills modern marketing teams are focused on this year
  • How to tap experienced freelancers to achieve your marketing objectives
  • How to find the time and talent to get it all done

Download your free copy of the e-book here so you can expand your team’s capacity and get more done.
Modern Marketing Teams are Filling Crucial Roles with Freelancers. Download E-Book Now

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