Learning What It Takes

Learning What It Takes: How to Delegate Work to Marketing Experts

I’m a doer. I’m easily satisfied executing a task and moving onto the next one.

When I recently started in my role as the Director of Strategic Marketing, I was certainly challenged by my doer/#GSD personality. With a team that consisted of a business development rep, a product marketer, and a web analytics expert, I was determined to fill the other marketing gaps myself.

As a start-up, we needed some event collateral designed in a short amount of time – you know, the basics like a pop-up banner and a product overview. No sweat, right? I could “do” this. I certainly knew enough to be dangerous, but by no means am I a design expert. Four hours later I found myself not only frustrated without a completed piece to show for it but also wondering where my morning had gone trying to attempt to execute one task.

I began to wonder… is this the best use of my time? My purpose in this role was to direct marketing strategies…. Not to solely execute tasks or design in this instance. The time I spent trying to attempt completing a project with my mediocre design skills could have been accomplished in nearly a quarter of the time with an expert.

And that’s when I realized, this role isn’t about executing on everything, but finding the right experts who can, so I can focus on the areas where my skills and passions lie. But with only 3 full-time team members whose expertise doesn’t include design, I knew I had to look elsewhere…

For me, this is where our own vetted network of digital marketing experts came into play. I needed some quick help from someone I knew I could trust to get the job done right and on time. I secured a Torchliter who, in less than 12 hours, provided options of a beautifully crafted product overview and compelling pop-up banner.

While I may have been slightly jealous of her great design skills, and frustrated that I hadn’t connected with her sooner, I was relieved to know that I had figured out a solution. My “doer” mentality quickly became less about execution, but more about finding the expert who could connect me to the results I wanted.

While I’m still learning what it takes and certain this will be the first of many ah-ha moments to come, I’m also thankful to know that there is an easier, more efficient, and more effective solution to get connected to the results I’m looking for – the Torchlite marketplace of vetted marketing experts.

My story may be similar to yours… want to learn more about how Torchlite could connect your brand to results? Try Torchlite Action free for two weeks to gain access to our marketplace of experts and start getting more done.

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