Q&A: How to Secure Content Marketing Budget

Have you ever wondered how the world’s wildest and most successful content marketing campaigns received the green light from the c-suite? We believe the answer is quite simple – by showing them the revenue.

Last week, our CMO, Shawn Herring joined Byron White from WriterAccess on the webinar, Getting Your Content Marketing Funded: Show Me The Revenue. Shawn and Byron are two of the industry’s largest advocates for content marketers and it’s their goal to empower you to overcome investment obstacles and secure the resources you need to see your ideas through.

In this one-hour webinar, Shawn and Byron pinpointed the challenges marketers often face when trying to secure budget for their content marketing ideas, provided a framework to map out the path to success and gave tips on delivering an irresistible pitch to c-suite executives.  Didn’t get a chance to catch to the webinar live? We totally understand. Marketers are incredibly busy.  Listen to the recording and download the slidedeck from WriterAccess.

After the webinar, we received some great questions from the audience. Here’s a quick recap:

Q: What is the easiest route to get your content funded? Is there a secret sauce for securing budget?

A: The best root to get funding for content is in your sales team. By aligning content marketing deliverables with the objectives of your sales team, you will immediately have a value proposition that is both enticing and measurable.

The best example we have seen of this is Jeffrey Rohrs, with his series which later turned into his book, Audience, Marketing in the Age of Subscribers, Fans and Followers. Before starting he asked the question, “What content can I produce that will help the sales team sell more deals, or move deals through the pipe?”

It is much easier to align your idea to the wheel that already exists and see how your idea can increase momentum than it is to reinvent the wheel. Additionally, by exciting team members outside of the marketing department, you will gain advocates for your idea, which ultimately will help you be heard through the noise.

Q: When working with a client and there is no way to test the concepts before asking for the budget, how do you build out content when you do not have the capacity to test it, but have all the capacity to fail?

A: As a content marketer, you are the expert when it comes to determining what will and will not work. It is smart to place your bets on something you’re confident will succeed. Do some research and look at others who are doing something similar. If you are ahead of the game in your sector, you may have to look across industries.  Pull tangible examples and use them to make your idea come to life in your pitch, without actually testing it. If these examples do not get your client excited about the power of content, you may need to rethink your approach.

Q: How do you handle a situation where your client expects you to deliver miracles with content, but you lack the budget to do so?

A: If you are working with a business, there is money somewhere. It’s just probably not being spent on marketing. In this situation, you need to ask, “Is marketing a priority?” If it isn’t, you are already fighting an uphill battle.

If marketing is a priority but you’re still lacking the funds, tap into resources that already exist at no additional cost. You’ll need hands as much as money. Put on your director’s hat and tap into the people on your team and see what you can drum up. Once you begin proving the value of your idea, it will be easier to make your case for more money.

Q: Do you believe in testing content marketing strategies in order to secure funding?

A:  On a larger scale, it’s important to realize that content marketing is a long term initiative and often needs time to show its true impact on a business. But in the short term, testing is the best way to gain traction for your idea.

If you’re waiting for a large budget to land in your lap before you start, you will be sitting there for a very long time.  Each small micro-step you can take will allow you to realize the small wins and prove to your leadership that your idea will work when you make your subsequent pitch for something bigger.

Do you have a question that we weren’t able to get to on the webinar? Tweet it to us, and we would be happy to answer it!

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