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Aug 22, 2018 Maria Rummel

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Torchlite was built on the idea that the modern marketer needs help. There are thousands of martech tools on the market, a million ideas for the next big thing in marketing, and only 24 hours in the day. Our founder, Susan Marshall, was hearing time and time again that the tools designed and sold to make marketer’s lives easier were actually standing in the way of marketing teams getting anything done.
Insert the Torchlite model: Connect marketing teams with top digital marketing talent to help them unlock their potential and get the most out of their marketing technology.
As a team, we follow our own methodology to fill gaps and get more done with specialized marketing experts – which we call, Torchliters, as our curated team of experts are a key component to fueling the flame that keeps our business moving forward.
To give you an idea of how we work, I’m sharing five internal gaps we’ve fill with specialized, freelance experts:

Specialized Technical Skill Sets

In the ever-changing landscape of technology and marketing, technical team members are difficult to find and retain. Tapping our expert community of Torchliters has helped us stay on top of technological change, without spending all of our time (and budget) deep in the weeds of our email and marketing cloud systems. Working with a technical expert is especially beneficial when it comes to cost. Over the last year, we’ve been able to match the output of a much larger organization, while saving $250,000 in headcount costs by leveraging our own model.

Part-time and Overflow

We often work with our Torchliters on a per-engagement basis for a specific amount of time. We have projects that need to be done, but don’t have a large enough need to hire a full-time employee. Instead, we lean on experts to help us with ongoing needs, like graphic design projects and content creation. Tapping into the Torchliter community has increased the quality of our creative projects and reduced the amount of time it takes to get things done. Our experts are able to complete tasks more quickly than someone on our internal team could learn to execute them.

Technology Implementation and Optimization

Implementation and optimization of new tools is no small feat. From the transfer of data, to learning new capabilities and features, and the day-to-day management, there is a lot to consider—often in a short amount of time. We’ve found that hiring an expert in that specific technology has helped us expedite the process and help us avoid making costly mistakes.

Strategy Testing

As you already know, a marketing strategy is a living and breathing concept. New methods, trends, and tactics constantly surface in our industry. In order to remain on top, we take an agile approach to our marketing efforts. The most important part of staying agile is to test your strategies. When our team identifies a new marketing channel, we always start small and test it out before making a larger investment in both the strategy and the team member hired to execute it.
Our network of experts allows us to quickly find and engage the talent that we need to test new marketing strategies. Whether it be a different PR angle, or a new advertising channel, our Director of Marketing is able to quickly select and onboard our experts in a few days, instead of the 24-day and $4000 national average it takes to hire a new employee.

One-Time Projects

Occasionally, we will find ourselves in a situation where we need an extra set of hands to do a one-time project. One-time projects might look like illustrating a new demo video or taking office and team photography. These aren’t projects we’re doing regularly but instead, are done in response to a greater business need. Hiring a freelance expert from our network is advantageous for one-time projects because we’re able to engage these people on an as-needed basis and can pay them specifically for the projects they’re hired to do, not a set of hours that may or may not be used across an engagement.
At the end of the day, it’s no secret that working with Torchliters has allowed us to unlock our own potential and get the most out of the investments we’ve made in our marketing technology. It’s impossible to do it all ourselves. The sooner marketers can realize that and ask for help, the faster they can get to delivering results that will blow away stakeholders in the business.

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