The New Destination For Marketers: Enhanced Torchlite Action™

Sep 27, 2017 Susan Marshall

Create, Execute, Source, Torchlite

It has been my mission from the very beginning to help marketers. Torchlite exists because we are passionate about enabling marketers to do great work and love what they do every single day.
Right now, marketers are facing increasing demands that require them to manage their time, technology, and workforce differently. Even with today’s overwhelming amount of technology, we’ve yet to see a tool effectively meet their evolving needs. That’s why we developed Torchlite Action™.
Today, we released dozens of new and improved features to Torchlite Action to empower marketers to create, source, and execute with unprecedented efficiency so that they can hit their goals harder and faster than ever before.
Here are some of the new features we’re most excited to share with marketers so you can turn your plans into action:


  • Strategic Planning and Resourcing: Ditch the spreadsheets and use Torchlite’s “Galaxy View” to build campaigns that tie to key marketing objectives, identify gaps in resources, and ensure the entire team is aligned.
  • Team Management and Collaboration: Create working teams for specific deliverables and never miss a beat or deadline with a shared calendar and project plan.
  • Customizable Daily, Monthly, and Annual Calendars: View all your campaigns, tasks, and deliverables in short and team term time periods, and sort by team member, campaigns, and objectives to get a clear view of when work is due and what the capacity of your team looks like.


  • Campaign Directory: Get access to best practice marketing templates that serve as step-by-step marketing playbooks that you can customize to meet your goals.
  • Access to Vetted Network of Digital Marketing Experts: Complement or extend your team by accessing a vetted team of experts who write content, design images, and create emails, websites, ads, and more.


  • Resource Gap Analysis: Strategically execute your work and plan future projects based on resource capacity. See where you have holes on your team from a skill-set perspective so you can communicate more effectively to your management team where your resourcing needs are.
  • Utilization Reports: Ensure your entire team is being utilized to it’s fullest potential and everyone’s time and workload is managed efficiently.
  • Slack Integration: Get alerts to your preferred Slack channel when Assets, Campaigns, Deliverables, and Tasks are created and when Tasks move through to completion.

Are you ready to revolutionize your marketing plan for 2018. See what’s possible with Torchlite Action. Then try it, free for 30 days.


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