How to Secure the Marketing Budget to Kick-start Your Next Idea

Aug 29, 2017 Maria Rummel

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As marketers, we love to let our ideas run wild. Day dreaming is definitely our thing and nothing feels better than thinking up what you whole-heartedly believe will be the next big thing in marketing.
Then, reality sets in.  You’re forced to ask yourself, “how am I going to pay for this?” You’re going to need, dare we say it, the b-word… budget.
Securing the resources and budget to kick-start your next marketing idea can be a difficult task. How do you make the case for your project and convince stakeholders they should invest in your idea?
We looked to leaders in the marketing industry, including Bob Gilbreath from Ahalogy, Salesforce’s Heike Young Yext CMO, Jeff Rohrs, and the former CMO of ExactTarget Tim Kopp and gathered their insights on how to lock in marketing budget. Then we used their expert advice to create our newest e-book: Show Me The Money: How to Get Buy-in and Budget for Your Next Marketing Idea.
In this e-book, you’ll learn how to:

Overcome the most common obstacles to securing budget

Marketers often experience one or more of the following: Fear of the unknown, leadership expecting immediate results, not wanting to fix what isn’t broken and limited resources. If this sounds a little too familiar, we’re here to help!

Speak the language of your stakeholders

We’ve developed a marketing plan format for your ideas that your stakeholders can easily understand and appreciate, even if they have limited marketing expertise.

Leverage a step-by-step formula to build your case

You know what you want to accomplish. But, can you communicate your case effectively? Our easy outline brings together they what, who, how and why – without over-complicating things.

Increase the odds of getting your project funded

You’re not the only one eyeing the last piece of the company budget pie. Our methodology will give you a leg up on your competition, because we think that you deserve it.

Turn your idea into action after it gets the green light

Once you’ve landed your piece of the marketing budget, take a second to celebrate your hard work. But, don’t be fooled. Your success doesn’t stop once you get the buy-in and budget. You’ll need a way to bolster your momentum and continue to deliver on the results you promised, (and more!)
Interested? Download your free copy of Show Me The Money: How to Get Buy-in and Budget for Your Next Marketing Idea and start collecting your hard-earned cash today.

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