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What We Learned at MarTech Boston

Earlier this week we spent 3 days at the MarTech conference in Boston. It did not disappoint – packed with great content and conversations all around the continued overlap of marketing, technology, and management.

Whether you were in Boston or not, we wanted to recap a few of the core takeaways from this conference:

Key Topics:

At every conference, common themes emerge via conversations in the hallway, as well as the content shared on stage. Here are the common themes we heard from speakers and discussed with attendees this week.

  1. Account-based marketing (ABM) is something that everyone knows they need to do. Marketers are starting to peel the layers on how to do it effectively.
  2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is something that everyone is still trying to figure out.
  3. Engagement is no longer optional, it is mandatory.
  4. Cryptocurrencies are not just a slight ripple of change… they are going to be THE next big disruption.
  5. Scott Brinker is pretty funny.

Key Content and Speakers:

Digital Transformation

  • David Edelman, Chief Marketing Officer Aetna – Told an amazing story around the evolution Aetna has undergone from the inside out. They didn’t just undergo a branding exercise, their company has completely changed their perspective on the value they provide their customers. Having this vision and being able to execute it at a small company would be tough. But doing this at an enterprise company in a highly regulated industry is inspiring. This video puts it all into perspective:
  • Rishi Dave (CMO Dun & Bradstreet) – Rishi told a story about his time at D&B with a holistic lens in a way that really resonated. The importance of striking a balance between culture, brand, and analytical thought was key to their transformation. There was a great amount of self-awareness within his role as well as his company’s needs, which he was able to translate into positive change for D&B. “Thinking like the CEO” really resonated. Their sales and marketing perspectives page on the website is full of great information.
  • Dave Knox, Managing Director WPP Ventures – There are so many large companies that treat innovation as a shiny object instead of an investment… Dave found that when large enterprises look at startups as an investment, they can give a glance into how the future could be for them. When you see it in action, it becomes a win for both sides of the equation.

The Beginning of a Movement

  • Mike Volpe (CMO Cybereason) Jon Miller (CEO and Co-Founder Engagio) and Brian Kardon (CMO Fuze) – Had a great conversation about the initial foundations of marketing automation 10 years ago when Eloqua, Hubspot, and Marketo were just ramping up. Although everyone now sees those companies as direct competitors, it was very interesting to hear that it didn’t start that way. Hearing the “behind the scenes” stories as well as seeing the clear respect they had for each other was impressive.

Foundational Shifts Coming

  • Jeremy Epstein, CEO Never Stop Marketing – Displayed incredible passion, knowledge, and perspective around blockchain. It opened my eyes to the real possibilities for blockchain not just from a currency standpoint, but from a holistic shift to business models. He pushed the audience to think beyond just the currency aspect of blockchain to the real underlying shift it could bring to how people interact with companies. It has not been adopted by the masses yet, but after hearing Jeremy talk, it is only a matter of time. Download this ebook now and you will understand.
  • Travis Wright, Chief Marketing Technologist CCP Digital – Travis conveys a vision in his presentations that makes it clear to me… if you are up for the adventure, now is the best time to be a marketer. His presentation title was “I didn’t know marketing technology could do that.” Blockchain is here (no, it’s not coming soon, it is here), marketing technology is accelerating capabilities at astounding rates, customers are showing they want engagement, and on, and on. Not only are his thoughts clearly laid out, but he delivers them in a way that makes you laugh… and then think… and then laugh again. You have to check out his podcast, with 55K downloads in the first 30 days, you will be in good company…

Conferences are a great way to learn about upcoming trends and brainstorm big ideas. Check out a few of the other top conferences marketers visited in 2017.

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